Apr. 27th, 2012

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So I'm finally doing this!

10. The Short, Strange Life of Doctor John Watson (Rated M, Sherlock/Doctor Who @ 3,666 words/860 hits)
This is probably one of my favorites of the things I've written. It's not perfect, and I may rewrite bits at some point, because I think I left some things out, but I love it anyway. It's my first follow up to Mystery of the Runaway Bride, which is further down this list.

9. Blackmail (Rated T, Sherlock @ 373 words/975 hits)
I think this may have been my first prompt fic? [livejournal.com profile] findmeneverland asked for an episode fill for the scene where Lestrade supposedly filmed a drugged Sherlock on his phone. So I came up with this.

8. (Im)Patient (Rated T, Sherlock @ 221 words/1,132 hits)
One of my 221B ficlets, shamelessly schmoopy with a hint of hurt/comfort. Poor John.

7. Perchance to Dream (Rated G, Sherlock @ 389 words/1,690 hits)
Another prompt ficlet from [livejournal.com profile] findmeneverland. She's good with the prompts! This is probably the schmoopiest thing I've written. Sleeping in cabs and being adorable. Last I heard, someone was translating this into Chinese.

6. Flashpoint (Rated E, Sherlock @ 221 words/1,801 hits)
Oh look. It's the first explicit fic on this list. It only gets more explicit from here (except for #5)! This was a 221B prompt, last word 'Belfast'. I LOVE how it turned out, twining in bits of an imagined history for John and how a more BDSM-ish relationship might work between him and Sherlock.

5. The Mystery of the Runaway Bride (Rated T, Sherlock/Doctor Who @ 12,088 words/2,558 hits)
The very first fic I wrote beyond ficlets and short things. I am ridiculously proud of this universe, and I'm looking forward to going back to it. I'm a little sad that it doesn't get more attention than it does, but I know that's largely because it's a crossover and it's not slash. But... Donna! Casefic!

4. Pull the Stars from the Sky (Rated E, Sherlock AU @ 17,754 words/2,564 hits)
Current WIP. I'm estimating it will wind up at 50-60K when all is said and done. I am... kind of blown away at the reception this is getting. It already has more comments than anything else I've posted, and I'm barely a third of the way through. This is so so much fun to write, and I am learning SO much about myself as a writer. I am having the time of my life.

3. Denial (Rated E, Sherlock @ 6,482 words/4,782 hits)
2. Sublimation (Rated E, Sherlock @ 5,196 words/5,248 hits)
1. Displacement (Rated E, Sherlock @ 7,856 words / 5,973 hits)

Ah yes. The three Defence Mechanisms stories. My very very first attempt at writing slash, and my very first attempt at writing anything explicit for public consumption. I am, again, shocked at the response it's gotten. And it was my first lesson in JUST HOW POPULAR explicit fic is. The best thing about writing these stories has been all of the people I've met and gotten to know as a result, seriously. Another universe I'm looking forward to going back to. And also because, if I don't go back to it, I know at least one person who will hunt me down. :)


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